...And then I met my beautiful wife. I’ve known Katurah for about 15 years. We were introduced by my sister and my added sister. We hit it off right from the start. We dated briefly until life stepped in and sent us our separate ways. During our time apart I had a son. Around my son's fourth or fifth birthday my son had a field trip to the Henry Ford museum and I ran into Katurah again. She was on a field trip as well with her princess Kyrah. I got to say she was looking hot and beautiful. But my mind was saying to me that she probably doesn't want to talk to me. Because of how we just went away from each other. Although when we saw each other that day to my surprise, she was kind and we had a nice conversation. Then we parted ways for a few years. By then I was on facebook and I stumbled on Katurah's Facebook post, she had made a nice dish. Meaning food. I messaged her saying I would like some of that. She replied. I’ll make you a plate but you have to come get it.I never went and got the plate.. Bummer right. Right, So time went by and I was tending to my fatherly duties and working. I began to feel that I needed a special woman in my life. So I prayed and prayed and one day that prayer was answered. The mystery. Guess who was that woman I prayed for? You Guessed it! Katurah was the blessing that God had given me and my son. So we got together. And we never left each other's side again. Later on in our relationship she told me that she fell in love with me. And me being the tough one. I didn’t tell her right off the back that I had fallen in love with her as well. I kind of stepped back and let God iron out the format. I say a year or so later. I proposed to Katurah and asked if she would marry me. And yes she said yes. And we've been together ever since. Now we are getting married on 4/24/24 in a short but close time.


The first time I saw Jeffrey back in 2009 there was an immediate connection. I will never forget hopping out the car with my cousin and Jeffery walked out of his house across the street shirtless with grey joggers on. We locked eyes and smiled at one another for several seconds. I then asked my cousin “ Girl who is that?” My cousin laughed and said “oh that’s J Tasha Brother” then she turned to me and said “and he got a thing for big girls” . I was surprised to just meet J that day since our families were extremely close. Our families had annual Kalahari, Cedar Point, and camping trips together. We celebrated our Children's birthdays together throughout the years. So, it was nice to meet another member of Tasha's family since we already referenced each other as cousins. I’m not sure how J ended up with my phone number but he reached out to me over the phone a few days after we met. We casually dated for about a year and just kind of drifted in different directions. At the time we had both recently gotten out of serious relationships and weren’t really looking for anything too serious. A few years later, we bumped into each other at one of my daughters field trips. That was the first time I saw his precious son Jeffrey. J had become a Father since the last we saw each other and I must say fatherhood looked great on him. We went our separate ways and several years later I saw J name in my suggestions to add as a Facebook friend multiple times. Finally, during the summer of 2020 I said to myself let me just add him so I can see how life is treating him. Not long after he slid in my inbox asking for a plate of food I prepared. I told him he can come pick it up. He never came to get the plate but it did spark dialogue between the two of us that led to us becoming inseparable and dating in secrecy from our families. We dated for about 7 months and we kept it private so that we could sort out if this was something that was serious. When we finally shared the news with our families that we were in a relationship they were very happy for us. When I told my aunts Jay and I were dating I also told them that he is my future husband and I am going to marry him. I didn’t know when this would happen but I really just knew that what we had was meant to last a lifetime. On 10-11-22 J took my daughter Kyrah, his son Jeffrey, and I to dinner at Morton's Steakhouse. J blew my mind. He got down on one knee in the restaurant and told me he let me get away once before and he would never let that happen again and asked me to be his wife!! I said YES before I could even process everything he said. To add to this beautiful dinner shortly after the proposal the restaurant staff escorted us to a different seating area where our family and friends began to come in with flowers, cards, and Balloons. J had orchestrated a surprise engagement dinner to follow his proposal.